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After watching last night’s Bears/Packers game, Michael has declared us a Chicago Bears family.  Fine by me (translation:  I don’t care.  Are we still Husker fans?  Okay.).  So…Bear down, Chicago Bears! On a related note, here’s a bit of today’s conversation … Continue reading

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we put the ‘big’ in “GO BIG RED”

…or, as I also like to call this photo, “De-Fence”.  That one was for you, Dad.

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go world

Now that the Olympics are over and I’ve come down from my own Memory Tower, I have to say that one of the most inspiring things about the games were those VISA commercials.  I have never found myself so inspired by a credit … Continue reading

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smashmouth swimming

Did you see it? You MISSED it? You went to bed early? Now you have reasons to stay up. The American men’s swimming relay team surged at the last split-second to beat the French (who had been badmouthing us leading … Continue reading

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Anybody else as excited as I am for the Olympics? I love love LOVE watching them – from the opening ceremonies to the raising of the next host country’s flag, I’m there…so you know I’ll be planted in front of … Continue reading

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Anybody else’s bracket as busted as mine? Man. Thanks a lot, Clemson. Thanks a lot, Duke. Coach K, I expected more from you, honestly. Work on your game in-the-paint. Duh. I played basketball for one sad season, only scored one … Continue reading

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slam, bam, jam!

The ‘Madness has set in. The brackets are filled, ESPN at the ready, the smack-talk exchanged…let the tournament begin! May my bracket be truer than Michael’s, may Reese deal well with the overdose of TV basketball, and may Psycho T … Continue reading

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