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in bloom

The crabapple was blooming just right and it was too lovely a day not to set up the tripod for a few new Lutterman family photos.¬† ūüôā Advertisements

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wardrobe remix

Reese is the queen of the loud outfit. No pastel here. She has two ways that she designs her daily outfit: monochrome or rainbow. Recent monochromes include all bright pink or all blue. On rainbow days, she is Miss Roy … Continue reading

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Been an emotionally rough week…four different¬†friends/families have lost a family member since Saturday.¬† Each one is sad, but each day I hear of another, and it compounds.¬† I can feel the grief bearing down.¬†I am so thankful that each loved … Continue reading

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how deep the Father’s love for us

is my favorite hymn for Holy Week.¬† Any hymn worth its salt – in my opinion – should nearly bring you to tears, filled with powerful language.¬† Every time I sing this, the ole lump in the throat arises.¬† My … Continue reading

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one ha-penny, two ha-penny

Here are¬†the afore-mentioned hot cross buns!¬† A little more browned than I’d like, but otherwise, yum!¬† I used the recipe from my vintage Good Housekeeping Cookbook (it ain’t Betty Crocker, or The Joy of Cooking, but it works.¬†¬†Plus, it¬†contains a … Continue reading

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eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani?

Jesus is everything¬†to me.¬† What he did on the cross, I especially remember this time each year.¬† What he did gives me reason to live, purpose for this life.¬† I read these verses this morning, and am moved again at … Continue reading

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maundy thursday

Well, howdy.¬† It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged.¬† Sorry about that.¬† Okay, not really.¬† Life happens, and all that snow we got¬†sapped any motivation¬†I had to write something clever.¬† So I kept it to status updates on Facebook.¬†¬† Twitter.¬† Whatever.¬† … Continue reading

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