there. my Summer-Of-Health is complete.  i can’t believe it did it!  here’s a quick rundown of what i’ve been working toward since may:

  1. read and embarked on the Raw Food Detox Diet by natalia rose.  i highly recommend starting here for those who are new to raw foodism, detoxification, etc.  a gentle way to begin (even if the green lemonade is nasty.  still can’t do it!). i have a newfound love – and need – for a daily raw salad.
  2. michael went whole-hog and had 2-3 green smoothies per day.  i usually had one.  the kids even had some.  fun for the whole family!  what’s a green smoothie?  read Green Smoothie Revolution by victoria boutenko (download the app!).
  3. watched a few documentaries:  Food Matters, Food, Inc., Burzynski:  Cancer Is Serious Business, and Simply Raw:  Reversing Diabetes in 30 Daysit’s changed the way we think about prevention, healthcare, and medicine…especially after watching my sister-in-law get her postpartum Type 1 diabetes diagnosis under control without resorting to insulin or drugs, under the care of a naturopathic/homeopathic doctor.  so inspiring.
  4. did a one-month ‘reboot’ – i survived thrived on fresh, raw fruit-and-vegetable juices (thanks to a great juicer i found for a steal on craigslist!) and one green smoothie per day.  it got old after awhile…i like variety.  and pasta.  and cheese.  but i lost some inches, feel amazing – clean, even- and am planing a 10-day reboot after the holiday season.
  5. took a power yoga class here.  it was amazing.  and not weird.  i’m hooked and want to go back.  um, regularly.  till then, ol’ Rodney Yee’s yoga on DVD will have to do.  (it is admittedly nowhere near as challenging as the live class, though.  but still good.  yoga, to me, is like fried chicken – even when it’s bad, it’s good. no?)

where does this leave me?  i’m not giving up my morning coffee – i could, but i love the ritual.  the warm cuppa, pretty thrifted mugs and yes, that friendly caffeinated jolt are comforting to me.  i feel best when i start my day with micronutrients, so green smoothies or fruit will be my usual daily breakfast.  raw salads, soups and wraps will be my usual lunches, but suppers will be whatever i freaking feel like.  plus a raw salad.  i’ve really gotten after-supper snacking down to tea or warm almond milk or wine, so i’ll try to stick to that.  oh – and i’m working out in the mornings again.  thank you, No Reservations for making that morning meeting with my elliptical a lot more tolerable (has food become an obsession?  es posible.).

we’re also getting rid of most of our processed foods, high-fructose corn syrup (if i were Hulk, i would snap Monsanto’s neck) flouride and MSG.  making better food and health choices for the family and reworking our budget to accomodate them.  i’ve learned i don’t need loads of milk or soy (two very mucous-causing foods) to get our calcium or protein.  almond milk is becoming more popular around here.  bacon without nitrates is on the list (a life without bacon is no life for me), and Coffeemate is out, too (i never really liked it anyway), just to name a few.  certain organic things are nice to add in (thank you, Costco and Trader Joe’s!), but i’m not sweating it too much (thank you, Mark Bittman!).  next year my garden will be nothing but greens and tomatoes.  i fell hard for heirloom tomatoes this year.  michael will continue with green smoothies for breakfast and lunch – they’re easy, very healthy and convenient.  he may act otherwise in front of you, but he likes them.

i’m so grateful for this season of learning, challenging myself and eating in new ways and feeling better, living more intentionally.  here’s to our health going forward.  now for a second cup of coffee.


About lindsay

just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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2 Responses to rebooted

  1. Sara Janssen says:

    Congrats on your big changes!! So proud of you guys 🙂 xxoo

    • lindsay says:

      thank you, Sara! i’m so happy. and that vitamix is a big part of making it a success. well, that and your raw cheddar cheese sauce recipe. holy buckets of love. xo!

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