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breaker, breaker

I must have a metal plate in my head.  Or an antenna instead of an ear drum.  When I’m in bed, lying on my right side, my left ear picks up all sorts of sounds that my right ear doesn’t.  … Continue reading

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reese on exercise

Me: “Reese, wanna do my Turbo Jam workout with me?” Reese: “Is it cardio?” Me: ” Yep.” Reese: “No, I could never do that. It’s too much performance.”

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notes to self

Michael tried pad thai last week – of his own volition – and liked it. Go out for Thai food with him soon before he forgets he likes it. Kohl’s has good shoes – and the princess underwear that Reese … Continue reading

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Reese (3 1/2 years old):  (sniffs at Liam’s neck)  “Liam-Boy, you smell very fresh!  Like soap!” Liam (1 years old):  “Oogiebuh. Tickletickletickle!”  (giggles) Reese:  (turns to see me standing in the doorway)  “Oh. Hi, Mom. We are playing and speaking … Continue reading

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driving home

In the Midwest, I think, we sense an oncoming storm. It’s easier to do this on the prairie. We have less to distract us from what things may come. We batten down our hatches, lock ourselves in, and wait to … Continue reading

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