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severely weathered

I LOVE severe weather.  It really excites me to see a severe weather warning of any kind for my county.  I have been known to watch the weather reports all night if there’s a good chance of a tornado, flood … Continue reading

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for your consideration

If you’re not satisfied with the major party presidential nominees, this guy might be worth checking out.     .

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notes from a long weekend

– We had a great anniversary. The hotel we got married at has been remodeled, so we stayed for a night and loved it. Michael accidentally ordered a horror movie. We’re wimps – we didn’t watch it. – We don’t … Continue reading

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power to the people! (or, michael’s vindication)

Ah, David Cook. We knew you’d pull it off. Of course, we like to think it was our manic voting frenzy that pulled it off. On Tuesday night I participated in two American pastimes: voting and potluck. And, according to … Continue reading

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week-end update

This week has been a progression of my kids slowly wearing me down. I was yawning at 10 AM this morning. The ‘paci fairy’ visited Reese last weekend, and she’s done great without her pacifier….except for naps. I didn’t realize … Continue reading

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idol watch

I am kinda sheepish to admit it, but Ranae got me watching American Idol this season…and as you can see, I’m hooked. I do still cringe a little at the whole “Idol” thing….call me Old Testament if you want. Ha. … Continue reading

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stop, drop & roll

He can! Been able to do so for a couple of weeks, but he refuses to do so for any sorta camera, so you’ll just have to take my good word on that one.         .

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