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my lemon-drop

Yesterday: (Reese) “Mama, know what?” (me) “What?” (Reese, through a toothy smile) “You’re my best friend.” Advertisements

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where the green grass grows

Last evening I was going stir-crazy. Not having a car while one’s without a muffler and the other’s in the body shop is awful when you have an infant and a toddler, and a bus or bike’s out of the … Continue reading

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Becoming a mom has made me privy to all sorts of cultural phenomena I never would have considered before. Like hand sanitizer. Take your kid to the mall play-area, let your mini sneeze or cough (gasp!), and voila! Before your … Continue reading

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take these chances…

Last night we went to see the Dave Matthews Band in concert. Whoop! Cross off #2 of 3 arena shows to see before I die (saw U2 in 2006, next: Coldplay – these are the ‘big three’ for Michael & … Continue reading

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feisty weekend

I’ve been really bad at keeping up with myself lately.  Summer’s halfway done, and we’ve been busy having fun outdoors….which means my lowly little blog’s been suffering.  One thing begs mention, though.  A couple of weekends ago, the whocares gals … Continue reading

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We just put the kids to bed.  I remember having to go to bed many a humid summer night when it was still light outside…I wonder if they hate it as much as I did.  I would lie there, bathed … Continue reading

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rock me like a hurricane

Last Friday, right during rush hour, Omaha experienced a storm like no other for this part of the country – comparable only to a hurricane, I’ve never been in a storm quite like this one.  I was watching the news … Continue reading

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