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hit the road

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go….kind of. We have a couple more hours of packing and cleaning up ahead of us, and my stomach’s upset from the stress and excitement. Probably shouldn’t have had those fries for … Continue reading

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i love nebraska

This one goes out to our Iowan homies: go ahead and yuk it up.

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(sidenote: it is just me, or does the title get you singing that Don Johnson one-hit-wonder? yeah, you know it. admit it. go ahead and sing it. i’ll pause while you do.) Went for my OB checkup today and heard … Continue reading

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The hair got it.

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mmm mmm good

What tastes good to me right now: – chicken nuggets with honey– chocolate teddy grahams with peanut butter– milk– fresh fruit– cafe vienna instant coffee– thick bread-and-butter pickle slices I can’t WAIT until I can cook again without gagging! I … Continue reading

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omaha or bust!

The house was for sale. The house sold. Michael has a job in Omaha, beckoning us home. So we’re going. June 29th. I was in Omaha all week looking for housing. It was refreshing, staying with Mom and Dad, sleeping … Continue reading

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