rein it in

finally done with my stint on the raw food detox diet…and loved it.  i learned a few new things about myself, my body, gained mental & emotional clarity, feel amazing – who knew all of that was tied to my food choices?  crazytown.

speaking of crazy…my man & i watched a documentary recently called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (hat tip to Darby for the suggestion).  we were both so inspired by both Joe and Phil’s transformation that we’ve decided to give a raw juice ‘fast’ (or what Joe calls a Reboot) a whirl. i think it will be life-changing for both of us.  hopefully we can shed some weight, which is the main reason we were attracted to this program – hey, we reasoned, if a 430 lb. truck driver can get up the gumption to juice daily and lose nearly all his excess weight, so can we.  right?

i’ve not participated in a long fast before (i’m shooting for 30 days, michael for 60…taking it a week at a time), and it recently dawned on me:  i’ve never forced myself to do something i really didn’t want to (i’m an optimist/idealist – i can usually find a bright side), or had to reign in my desires much, especially regarding food choices.  i like my veggies (thanks, Mom!), so the detox diet was a fun challenge for me.  time to go deeper.  to cleanse further.  to learn the practice of fasting and to embrace real physical and mental challenge.

i started my fast this morning, and my modern, middle class, american self isn’t too happy about it already.  i’ll have to dig deep to get past the cravings that are already rearing up.  try hard to remember it’s just one month out of my life.  cowboy up, girl.

here’s to it – i raise my glass of apple/greens/beet/carrot juice to a better version of myself.  gulp.

About lindsay

just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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