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head-cold love

Things I am enjoying this week while home & under the weather with the kids: 1. Neti pot. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like showing your spouse how to shove a little teapot up one nostril to get the boogers … Continue reading

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good search

Now you can google with a conscience….my sister, Evie, turned me on to this search engine. Go to Good Search and every time you search the web, it makes a small donation to the charity of your choice. How cool … Continue reading

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It’s -6 degrees outside this morning. Don’t get me started on the windchill. I’m in my robe, I’ve got my hands wrapped around my coffee mug, and the schools are closed. At least it’s sunny. I have no plans for … Continue reading

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so tonight, i’m cleanin out my closet

This weekend went way too fast. I think I’m a weekend warrior, so I’m pretty bummed out until 9AM most Monday mornings. However, the coffee’s on (Guatemala Antigua, one of my favorites), Reese is occupied, Liam is napping, and I … Continue reading

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growing pains

Michael’s mom came over yesterday and offered to take Reese for the night….I’d been putting it off, this whole spending-the-night thing, for no good reason. I think I just wasn’t ready, and with Liam on the way, didn’t want my … Continue reading

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We were all set to go play at the Perrys this morning with Isaac, Linus & Ada, but the garage door is frozen shut. Michael took the other car, and so we’re stuck. Five days in the house with the … Continue reading

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big week

It’s snowing today- my favorite winter weather. But it’s a big week no matter where you live around the ole’ U-S-of-A: 1. Super Tuesday: go vote if you’ve got a primary. 2. Fat Tuesday: that’s Mardi Gras, folks! Lent begins … Continue reading

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