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halfway through our second week of our raw food detox.  no turning back to a Standard American Diet (SAD – in so many ways) now – i feel absolutely amazing! of note this week: my husband has stopped snoring.  this … Continue reading

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ish wish dish

i tap my fingers a lot. i wish i had a piano. that is all.

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i started a raw food (read: gentle) detox this week.  i read all about how ‘transformative’, ‘energizing’, eye-opening, addiction-breaking, fabulous, slimming, beautifying it is.  blah, blah, blah.  i hate hype. i want to learn how to eat better.  how to … Continue reading

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mornings like this inspire me…crystal clear azure sky, lime-green new leaves, warm on the cement, cool in the shady grass, the minis poking around the yard, me poking around the garden, every bird seems to sing, traffic hums in the distance.  … Continue reading

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