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Reese:  “Mama, whatcha doin’?” Me:  “I’m making you a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.” Reese:  “I don’t want the peanut bulla.” Me: (amused)  “Oh.  Well then, what do you want?” Reese:  “Peanut bulla!” Ah. Advertisements

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Anybody else’s bracket as busted as mine? Man. Thanks a lot, Clemson. Thanks a lot, Duke. Coach K, I expected more from you, honestly. Work on your game in-the-paint. Duh. I played basketball for one sad season, only scored one … Continue reading

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slam, bam, jam!

The ‘Madness has set in. The brackets are filled, ESPN at the ready, the smack-talk exchanged…let the tournament begin! May my bracket be truer than Michael’s, may Reese deal well with the overdose of TV basketball, and may Psycho T … Continue reading

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wakey-wakey, eggs & bay-key!

I just figured out how to make Monday mornings go down easier: make a weekend breakfast. Reese and I just had scrambled eggs (and cheese), bacon and cranberry-orange bread for breakfast. Feels like Saturday morning instead of a rainy Monday. … Continue reading

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hit the road, jack

I really want to get in the car and road-trip today. Sunroof open, no music, just loud wind. Not sure where I’d go. Out of the city. Somewhere new. Or somewhere new on the way to somewhere old.

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i heart my kids

Why’d ya have to be so cute? / It’s impossible to ignore you / Must you make me laugh so much? / It’s bad enough we get along so well / Say goodnight and go. (from “Goodnight & Go” – … Continue reading

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As I was sitting here I just realized I have a whisker poking out from my jawline. I gotta go pluck that. Before I go, though, I confess my love for peach preserves! I wonder what would happen if I … Continue reading

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