halfway through our second week of our raw food detox.  no turning back to a Standard American Diet (SAD – in so many ways) now – i feel absolutely amazing!

of note this week:

  • my husband has stopped snoring.  this has plagued me most of our marriage.  i cannot tell you how much better we’re both sleeping on this point alone!
  •  i am sleeping more restfully – no need for the snooze button any longer after a good seven hours.
  • my complexion is changing:  dark undereye circles and puffiness are virtually gone (same with my man’s), my skin tone is even, and i am starting to suspect a ‘raw glow’ creeping up.  LOVE.
  • i am developing a torrid love affair with avocados.
  • i have more energy.  i’m not bouncing off the walls, but i don’t need my morning coffee now (after a couple of days of mild headaches).  don’t get me wrong, this former barista still loves her coffee ritual, but for now, i’m okay without it.  i’ve no plans to leave it behind permanently. 🙂
  • my mood is better.  my husband’s mood is much, much better.  we are genuinely, generally happier.  (sunshine helps!)
  • we’re both more in tune with our bodies.  we notice almost instantly when we’ve eating something that will probably slow us down or wasn’t a good choice.
  • i still don’t like the various raw veggie juice combinations i’m trying.  bleh.  V8 and a grapefruit are becoming my breakfasts.  and i am strangely, totally satisfied.  i am shocked at this:  i never thought that would happen, believe you me.
  • my stomach is flattening a bit.  i’ll pick up regular exercise again next week.
  • i am wrestling with a fierce cheese craving.  all cheese, any cheese – even craptastic nacho cheese.  it’s a little rough at times.  i will say, though, that i am really digging almond milk. (Trader Joe’s has the best price in town, by far.)

this week, I picked up Detox 4 Women by Natalia Rose (at the library!  thanks, OPL.).  it’s a much easier program to follow for women, and i’m starting to implement this 4-week detox immediately.  i have to admit – i really didn’t believe her many claims, but the further i progress, the more i see them coming to pass.  she’s onto something.  except for that blasted raw vegetable juice!  i hate it!  i’m trying, Natalia, i really am.  but the vomit-inducing factor is still too high.  maybe someday…hopefully someday. 🙂


About lindsay

just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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  1. Anna says:

    How is the diet going? I keep thinking about it and saying I need to incorporate it SOMEhow into what I am doing or at least look into it more. I NEED to get rid of these under eye circles and this sugar addiction!!!

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