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Seven years ago, I woke up on a morning almost as beautiful as this one.   I really thought all that sunlight was for us.  Maybe it was.  As the sun went down, I married the best man I have ever known.  I … Continue reading

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battle of the bands

or something.  Michael & I have been trying to get catchy songs in each other’s heads today.  I struck first thing this morning with this classic (also in one of my favorite High Fidelity scenes): and late this afternoon he hit me … Continue reading

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Reese is going through a lion phase recently.  I dig her style. Here’s the one I got for Mother’s Day. 

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harajuku homeschool

Tonight, Michael suggested that in order to avoid becoming this kind of homeschool mom: that I should adopt this as my personal style instead. It’s a thought – but then I spotted these at Gap today: Honestly, if they weren’t $80, I’d … Continue reading

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[Reese & Jacob, comparing dads] Jacob:  Well, my dad can still carry me! Reese:  Yeah. My dad is strong to carry me, too. Jacob:  Yeah. [pause] Reese:  Well, my mom says ‘OOFDUH!’ whenever she carries me.

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my mini-me is five.  she is the best surprise i ever got.  hallelujah, i love her so.  xoxo, Bitty.

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