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worst day ever

Yesterday was. I told Michael that it might have been tied for the Toughest Day As A Mother with the first day I attempted Reese’s potty training. I felt so out of control. Kind of surprised that I woke up … Continue reading

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comrades in arms

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you haven’t really lived until…

…you’ve had your infant son throw up mucus all over you for half an hour. I have never done so much frantic laundry in my life! Or felt quite as helpless. At one point I had two kids hacking uncontrollably. … Continue reading

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For the week, probably. Reese has a fairly high fever, Liam’s congested, and I’m popping vitamin C, trying to avoid it. Or at least the worst of it. As I was checking my email this morning, I looked over to … Continue reading

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a good day

It was gonna be sunny and in the 70s. We loaded the kids and gear into Mom and Dad’s Suburban and went down to Lincoln yesterday for the annual Red/White scrimmage. The kids’ first Husker game – this could either … Continue reading

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note to self

Self: when you live in a place with a small bathroom, be sure to keep the toilet lid closed. It’s really easy for things on the sink, medicine cabinet, or shelf to fall into the toilet if you don’t. Like … Continue reading

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war! (bum-bum) huh! (bum-bum)

We watched “Lions For Lambs” this weekend, and wow, what a great film!   Only 90 minutes long, it packs a punch. Whether you’re for or against the Iraq war, or wars in general, I suggest you check it out.  I … Continue reading

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