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breaking fast

Sleepy chatter and quiet giggles ’round the table. Good morning to you.

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ish wish dish

i tap my fingers a lot. i wish i had a piano. that is all.

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roll up your sleeves…

working on perfecting a dish-soap recipe this weekend. i’ll be posting all my homemade housekeeping/toiletry recipes once that’s done. oh yes. it’s gonna be a big one. get ready.

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hey me, hey mama

where i been for so long? up to my ears in minis, school, reading, baking, stitching for {watched pot}, mountains of laundry, and life. the past few weeks i’ve been just managing to keep my head above water!  got some thoughts and … Continue reading

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liam went to bed with a fever last night. i feared it was either the stomach flu (it’s cycling through the neighbor kids) or his molars breaking through a bit. must’ve been the molars, because this morning, he’s back to … Continue reading

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Been trying to read along with My Utmost For His Highest lately.  This line from today’s reading caught me: “My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.” Well that will cause a person to stop … Continue reading

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Seven years ago, I woke up on a morning almost as beautiful as this one.   I really thought all that sunlight was for us.  Maybe it was.  As the sun went down, I married the best man I have ever known.  I … Continue reading

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battle of the bands

or something.  Michael & I have been trying to get catchy songs in each other’s heads today.  I struck first thing this morning with this classic (also in one of my favorite High Fidelity scenes): and late this afternoon he hit me … Continue reading

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Reese is going through a lion phase recently.  I dig her style. Here’s the one I got for Mother’s Day. 

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one ha-penny, two ha-penny

Here are the afore-mentioned hot cross buns!  A little more browned than I’d like, but otherwise, yum!  I used the recipe from my vintage Good Housekeeping Cookbook (it ain’t Betty Crocker, or The Joy of Cooking, but it works.  Plus, it contains a … Continue reading

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