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it’s my favorite time of year again.  the most wonderful time. advent.  the waiting. i’m loving this jesse tree celebration we’re going through as a family this year.  it’s blowing the dust off the waiting.  i love how Ann Voskamp … Continue reading

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there. my Summer-Of-Health is complete.  i can’t believe it did it!  here’s a quick rundown of what i’ve been working toward since may: read and embarked on the Raw Food Detox Diet by natalia rose.  i highly recommend starting here for … Continue reading

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i started a raw food (read: gentle) detox this week.  i read all about how ‘transformative’, ‘energizing’, eye-opening, addiction-breaking, fabulous, slimming, beautifying it is.  blah, blah, blah.  i hate hype. i want to learn how to eat better.  how to … Continue reading

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greener cleaner

I know what you’re thinking…this post is about seven years too late and a pretty worn-out topic.  Right?  I completely agree.  But I’m still gonna post this because I think it bears repeating, especially in times of tighter budgets and … Continue reading

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roll up your sleeves…

working on perfecting a dish-soap recipe this weekend. i’ll be posting all my homemade housekeeping/toiletry recipes once that’s done. oh yes. it’s gonna be a big one. get ready.

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ikea baby

this goes out to all the would-be parents out there who also love IKEA.  if you love it as much as i do (come to Omaha, IKEA!  not as many people love NFM as you think!)  stumped on a name … Continue reading

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battle of the bands

or something.  Michael & I have been trying to get catchy songs in each other’s heads today.  I struck first thing this morning with this classic (also in one of my favorite High Fidelity scenes): and late this afternoon he hit me … Continue reading

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