smashmouth swimming

Did you see it? You MISSED it? You went to bed early? Now you have reasons to stay up. The American men’s swimming relay team surged at the last split-second to beat the French (who had been badmouthing us leading up to the race!), followed by an all-out celebration by Michael Phelps & Co. afterward. We (me, Michael, Cory and Hannah) were jumping up and down, screaming too. A race for the ages! File that under Just Another Reason Why I Love The Olympics.

What? You missed the most spectacular Olympic opening ceremonies ever? How sad. Well, this blogger has a great post (with video) here. $300 million and 15,000 Chinese put on one amazing show. Even Michael, who was loathe to sit there and watch four hours of television in one evening, was riveted. I’m probably going to watch more daytime TV than I ever have for the next three weeks. What can I say, I’m a sucker. It’s like watching Rudy on repeat. I justify it by talking to Reese about sport, patriotism, geography, and Chinese culture when we watch. And the fact that it happens once every two years. Ha.

U-S-A! U-S-A!


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5 Responses to smashmouth swimming

  1. daphnedel says:

    caleb and i were screaming and fist pounding! it was incredible. that was the most amazing swim race i’ve ever seen and i am backed up by all the commentators who actually watch a lot of swimming.

  2. Jane says:

    I love having friends who are as addicted to watching the Olympics as I am!

  3. Ranae says:

    I think I’m also an addict. We could potentially start a support group. But it’s only 3 weeks long. We’ll make it through, I think! Oh, M. Phelps…how I love thee. 🙂

  4. corrieeasley says:

    I TOTALLY was awake!!! there were six of us sitting in the living room, cheering… it was so exciting!! and i too, am an olympics addict. and finn will be too – it’s my goal.

  5. Erin Greve says:

    That was the best thing ever. I don’t really get into the Olympics, but this year, you just can’t help but watch!

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