Anybody else as excited as I am for the Olympics? I love love LOVE watching them – from the opening ceremonies to the raising of the next host country’s flag, I’m there…so you know I’ll be planted in front of the TV to watch the commencement tomorrow night. I don’t get to travel much these days, and for three weeks, the world comes to my living room. I’m also sucker for a good parade, so the Parade of Nations is fascinating to me….almost biblical in scale, there’s something particularly moving about the many peoples coming together in one place under one banner. I recently read about the flagbearer for the U.S. team, and am proud that he’ll be leading our athletes into the stadium tomorrow night. (file that under What Makes America Great)

As hyped up as I am about these Olympics (the competition! the culture! the architecture! the spectacle! the music – oh, that music!), I am disheartened that the U.S. didn’t boycott the games this year. With at least 200,000 dead in Darfur (China provides weapons to Khartoum); and Tibet and Taiwan still struggling for freedom (among China’s countless other human rights violations), it doesn’t seem right to quietly support it by going. I mean, we boycotted the 1980 Moscow games because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, didn’t we? I guess time will tell if we should have boycotted these games as we should have for the Berlin Olympics in the ’30s. Money & politics….sigh.

I sound like a maniacal sports fan – I’m really not (this, college football and the ‘Madness are my three exceptions)….but there’s something about the athlete’s stories, the human struggle, sacrifice, hope, unity and competition acted out in the arena that keep me coming back every couple of years. Light that torch!


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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2 Responses to olympimaniac

  1. Lori Eilers says:

    I LOVE the Olympics, too! I’ll watch any of the sports and be a happy girl.

  2. contactcards says:

    I love them too!!! Last time around I was in Romania so all I saw was the opening ceremonies and gymnastics, and that was very limited! I too love the opening ceremonies and this year I was driving to Niobrara! Thankfully I can see a lot of it on the internet, praise God for the internet! (I’m sure some may feel otherwise about the internet…) I love the olympics! I love the competition, the Cinderella stories, those that have waited years to see a dream realized, and the ultimate dream that only one individual or team can experience in an Olympic games for each event, the Gold medal. Oy, even when it’s not my team seeing someone on the medal stand watching their flag go up and knowing that they are hearing their national anthem because on that day, they were the best of the best of the best. I can hardly take it! Wow, I’m a sap, aren’t I?

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