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so many wellies…

…so little time.  (Or, not enough wellie companies shipping overseas! Bwah!) Advertisements

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breaker, breaker

I must have a metal plate in my head.  Or an antenna instead of an ear drum.  When I’m in bed, lying on my right side, my left ear picks up all sorts of sounds that my right ear doesn’t.  … Continue reading

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driving home

In the Midwest, I think, we sense an oncoming storm. It’s easier to do this on the prairie. We have less to distract us from what things may come. We batten down our hatches, lock ourselves in, and wait to … Continue reading

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gimme a break

It’s a rare November day.  About 70 degrees, a sky as blue as it gets, all shades of leaves represented in the skyline.  Liam’s settling in for his nap, Reese and Michael went to go see a movie, and here I … Continue reading

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it wears me out

Ah, Radiohead.  We heard this song on the telly tonight and Michael remembered it from high school.  Sophomore year.  Good tune.

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dahling i love you but give me park avenue

Saw this guy’s story today and was inspired by his life and his work ethic. Check it out here, too.

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severely weathered

I LOVE severe weather.  It really excites me to see a severe weather warning of any kind for my county.  I have been known to watch the weather reports all night if there’s a good chance of a tornado, flood … Continue reading

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