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greener cleaner

I know what you’re thinking…this post is about seven years too late and a pretty worn-out topic.  Right?  I completely agree.  But I’m still gonna post this because I think it bears repeating, especially in times of tighter budgets and … Continue reading

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growing pains

my son has been acting more like a boy, less like a toddler lately.  i’m getting awfully sentimental about it.  same thing happened when i realized he was a toddler and not an infant anymore.  ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. i was helping him … Continue reading

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simpler times, mealtime

No, Caron, I’m not drinking. Yet. Mealtime with young children. Any of you mamas groaning yet? It can get tedious, boring, and some days, it feel like that’s I’ll I’ve done – feed people. “Sit up. Lean over your plate. … Continue reading

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real american hero

Remind me to tell my daughter about Annie Oakley. I just watched this documentary about her, and am just astounded at not only her sharpshooting and business savvy, but the way she carried herself in the face of childhood abuse, … Continue reading

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“He is he.”

My friend, Darby, is a great writer.  Read this post from her blog about her son.  If you have one, you’ll probably chuckle and nod.

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mo’s day

Was a good day. Quiet and just us’ns. I wasn’t quite ready for kids at 25, but three years later have found it to be a supremely gratifying, challenging, maturing and joyful experience. Didn’t know I would find out so … Continue reading

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worst day ever

Yesterday was. I told Michael that it might have been tied for the Toughest Day As A Mother with the first day I attempted Reese’s potty training. I felt so out of control. Kind of surprised that I woke up … Continue reading

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