oh, anthro

i love anthropologie.  i mean it.  there’s no other store that has me from the window display to the cloth napkins.  really.  i get mad at myself for being swept away by the ridiculously overpriced clothes and exotic perfumes – well, 40% of me does, anyway.  the other 60% is happy to flit and float among the unabashed luxury around me.  some get their kicks on a rickety roller coaster ride: i get a the same thrill out of a visit to anthro.  so sue me.

my pocketbook, however, usually leaves me biting my fist whenever i visit (or get the catalog in the mail!).  so i’ve been trying to find a more frugal way to get that artsty-feminine look.  (it’s not that easy…hence the anthro price tag.  they know what they’re doing!) and guess where i found it.  WAL-MART.  i know.  go ahead and cringe.  what a dichotomy!  but i’m thrilled about this so i just had to share:

exhibit a:  the ‘long & lean’ chemise.  i’ve been long lamenting my pajama drawer.  ratty t-shirts, old workout clothes.  really, i shouldn’t complain, but i’ve always wanted some real, grownup jammies.  spotted this maxi gown in the store (layered under a crazy-print robe) and grimaced at the price tag:  $70 for a simple JERSEY knit?  that you wear to bed?  oh, wait. not just to bed, you say, but also lounging on a $6000 chaise in a 6th floor flat, lazily munching bon-bons and sipping au laits, in front of big open windows dripping with ivy and wisteria?  okay.  fine.

well, take this:  nearly the same darn thing (same color, same cut, same material), from the norma kamali line at ol’ wally-world.  for $12.  for that price, i can get the matching robe.  i feel a bit vindicated. 

top that off with a crazy-print anthro tunic, found at Scout this weekend (thanks, Mom & Dad, for the gift card!), and i think it’s safe to say i scratched that itch pretty well.  now to stay out of there for awhile.  anthro.  you fashion siren.

About lindsay

just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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One Response to oh, anthro

  1. Jane says:

    Love this post! You look good no matter where you shop, my friend 🙂

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