Because I Need To Remember This: I caught Reese singing a few lines under her breath today, and it took me the better part of an hour to figure out what she was singing…”Jesus conquered the grave.” Turns out, she remembered it from Sunday worship and tells me it’s her favorite song:

[I find it a little awkward to watch a live-worship video – but I sure do like the song. So just close your eyes if it bugs you like it does me.]

I got to explain to Reese what it means that Jesus “conquered the grave” – and she  brought out her children’s Bible to show me her favorite illustration – the stone rolled away from Jesus’ tomb. Bought the song on iTunes, and while we were playing it for the umpteen-millionth time, Reese spread a banquet of play food across the floor “for Jesus”, she said.

She made a meal for Jesus, because it just made sense to her.  She and Liam danced together in circles.

It blew my mind a little to see how much our girl has taken to heart. In the mundane of our days, I tend to forget about these new-ish lives, absorbing everything that comes their way. The wonder. When Michael came home from work, Reese shouted out the window, “DADDY! WE HAVE JESUS IN HERE!”

Like a child. Be still my heart.


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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2 Responses to sponge

  1. Debra says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Lindsay! “We have Jesus in here!” That is awesome! 🙂

    (PS- I’m not 100% sure how I stumbled on your blog- but I’ve got it bookmarked. 🙂 Good stuff! Hope you guys are doing well- your kids are so stinkin’ cute!)

    -Debra Wittrock

  2. Ranae says:

    I love this story…Love it.

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