love for the pits

I give up.  For the last year, I’ve been using salt crystal deoderant – an all-natural alternative to aluminum-laced (and possibly cancer-linked) antiperspirants.  It was great – one of the ‘stones’ lasts forever, it’s fairly cheap and it does neutralize underarm odor.  BUT.  I still sweat.  And when it’s hot outside, and i’m not a) exercising, or b) working in the yard, I don’t like sweating.  I’m sick of soaking my pits just by sitting on the front porch.  Or when loading the kids into the car.  Quite frankly, it’s annoying.  So yesterday I bought myself some good ol’ antiperspirant.  Oh, Dove, how I’ve missed thee! 

AHH.  Dry at last, dry at last.  I forgot how good that feels.  So-fresh-and-so-clean-clean.  My apologies to my hippier friends who can sweat it out with ease.  I am not one of those – at least not this summer.


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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4 Responses to love for the pits

  1. Erin Greve says:

    Bravo. I agree. Sweating is gross. I switched to Dove clinical strength. A little hit in the ol’ budget, but it’s worth it!

  2. randel says:

    i tried Tom’s years ago, and it didn’t cut it… it didnt even cut it with the odor part..
    welcome back to the dark side 🙂

  3. darby says:

    mmm. i’ve been talking about my pit problem with daphne and caron for *years*. even though caron doesn’t bathe, she recommends certain-dri, and i like it too, although it makes the pits prickle in a somewhat suspicious way…like maybe little cancer prickles…i hope not…but it does keep you dry. certain-dri does nothing to promote a fresh smell though. overall, you’re better off with your beloved dove.

  4. contactcards says:

    Amen, I think if you pump enough of anything into a rat it will cause cancer, I’ll take my risks with deodorant!

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