power to the people! (or, michael’s vindication)

Ah, David Cook. We knew you’d pull it off. Of course, we like to think it was our manic voting frenzy that pulled it off. On Tuesday night I participated in two American pastimes: voting and potluck. And, according to our unofficial research, those with Verizon phones got through to vote more, while we Sprint folks wanted to throw our phones across the room. ‘Twas a fun night – but Wednesday night, when David Cook (reminder: Michael’s pick since his tryout in Omaha) won, I felt like I had, in a way. At least that’s how I felt, jumping up from the couch at 8:59, as if the confetti was falling down around me, too.  Your average local rocker, tending bar to pay the bills, can go after his dream (with a little brotherly nudge) and nail it. Rock on, David, even if I can’t.   

I totally, completely and absolutely blame Ranae for my ridiculous obsession with A.I. this season, and now have til January to cool my jets (don’t worry, I’m not about to search for American Idol Summer Tour tickets – even I have my limits!).  You know it’s bad when your three-year-old knows the full names of the top ten contestants (“Look, Mama – David Cook and David Archuled-za!”). I probably need to get a life.


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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4 Responses to power to the people! (or, michael’s vindication)

  1. Lori Eilers says:

    This sounds vaguely similar to my Survivor obsession! We could have worse habits in this world! Michael must be a genius…..or something. 🙂

  2. Ranae says:

    This is a great photo. What’s next? So you think you can dance? LOL.

  3. Erin Greve says:

    Oh Lindsay, the Greve’s have been obsessed with A.I. for a LONG time! 🙂 Welcome to the club.

  4. corrie says:

    oh man. wish i coulda been there! love it!

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