it’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my hometown…

Been listening to “The News From Lake Wobegon” podcast (a snippet of A Prairie Home Companion radio broadcast) this week, and LOVE it. I watched the APHC movie last fall and hated it, but was fascinated by this Garrison Keillor fellow, and the concept of an old-timey variety-show radio broadcast, complete with faux commericals. If you’ve never listened in before, its broadcasted live from St. Paul, MN (you can go to the theater and go see it in person). Lake Wobegon is Mr. Keillor’s made-up hometown, and he delivers a delicious little monologue about the happenings of this town each week….things like the cancellation of the high school musical, the glories of a homegrown tomato (“eating a homegrown tomato is redemptive”, and small-town Lutheran congregations (“we don’t have altar calls…sin in something you deal with on your own time”). I’ve laughed out loud at every one, and as I’m listening to his lilting baritone prose, I feel like I should be sitting on a porch in a high-back rocking chair, in a cotton dress, embroidering or shelling peas on a hot summer evening, listening to the radio and the mosquitos. This little podcast is seventeen minutes of serenity in an otherwise boisterous day around here. Liam loves listening to it too – he goes into Zen mode when I turn it on, which is great during cranky hour. If you never have, give it a listen. Almost makes me want to go see APHC on the Rhubarb Tour at the Iowa State Fair this summer…but I ask myself, would I be the only person under 60 there?


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5 Responses to it’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my hometown…

  1. amy main says:

    I have been listening to Garrison Keillor for probably 20 years, and am PSYCHED to see him at the Iowa State Fair this summer. PLEASE come back to Iowa and join me!! This is a favorite story from Lake Wobegon…
    …a teenage boy was debating with his parents whether or not it was acceptable for him to have long hair. He thought it OK. His parents, not so much, and wanted to enforce a clean haircut with the privilege of using the family car. So he pointed out to his parents that Jesus and his disciples had long hair. And his parents pointed out to their teenage son that Jesus and his disciples walked.

  2. contactcards says:

    I Love Garrison, I listened to it all the time growing up. HA!

  3. Darby W. says:

    love that show. love that show. love that show. i thought i was the only nearly-thirty-something with a crush on garrison keillor. let’s start a club.

  4. birds' mom says:

    Well I have been listening to garrison since he first came on the air..just love PHC….my 18 year old has listened every Saturday of her life…including those Saturdays spent in BWCA, and all her other trips across the U.S. w/her scout troop….yeah you can be under 60 -under 30 and yes even under 20 to listen to Garrison! He’s an English Majors hero!

  5. birds' mom says:

    oh forgot I’m forty something-gone to his shows you wouldn’t believe the number of people under 50 there!

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