As I was sitting here I just realized I have a whisker poking out from my jawline. I gotta go pluck that.

Before I go, though, I confess my love for peach preserves! I wonder what would happen if I mixed them with raspberries or strawberries. Either way, it’s still goodness on my english muffin.

Also good: tomorrow is going to be 62 degrees. Planning an evening outside! Need wide open space. Memorial Park will probably do the trick.

I have never been so excited to shave my legs! I found this new shaving cream by Alba Botanica, can’t wait to use it after Michael emerged from the shower glowing, his face smelling like real mint, and raving about the best shave of his life.

Go see this guy‘s photography. He is a friend of Kate’s husband, Todd. Spectacular shots. The prairie never looked so good!


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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6 Responses to today

  1. randel says:

    somehow my comment got put on another post.. anyway, that guy is AMAZING!

  2. amy main says:

    Ooooh, is that the Alba in the green tube??? Been using it for AGES and it does, in fact, rock…as far as shaving cream goes:) But I do have to say that for a quick but smooth shave, I also like the Venus Divine with the cream/razor combo.
    Enjoy your wide open spaces in this glorious spring weather!!!

  3. Lori Eilers says:

    whisker in your chin…crack me up…that’s not supposed to happen until you are in your forties like me!

  4. caron says:

    i ALWAYS police my jawline. it’s a good practice.

  5. adetrich says:

    Peach preserves mixed with a berry variety – yum! Stir that into some vanilla ice cream and go to town!

  6. michaelnlindsay says:

    Alba in the green tube it is, Amy! I use coconut lime (which smells more like mojito, not so much coconut), and Michael uses aloe mint. I’m in hairless love.

    Dark whiskers are one of the downsides to being a dark-haired German. Me & my tweezer are best buds. I should just start carrying one on my belt like certain old men do with their Tabasco bottles.

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