One thing I can count on: early mornings with my little man are filled with smiles!


About lindsay

just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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3 Responses to smiley

  1. Cheryl Dyer says:

    Oh! He’s cute!

  2. Sarah says:

    oh my goodness!!!
    that smile would make it worth getting up in the morning.
    I have that to look forward to, right? so when I’m pukey sick, and can hardly stand being awake, and have no other evidence (besides being bloated) that I’m pregnant, I can think of waking up to that smile in less than a year. in that, I can be content! 🙂

  3. caron says:

    oh man! he’s so cute. i love that face.

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