a rose by any other name…

You know the rest of the line, right? That’s what I’ve been contemplating lately – we’re going to be changing the spelling of Rhys’ name to ‘Reese’. Michael & I had separately been thinking about doing it, but hadn’t said anything to each other until this spring. I love my daughter’s name, but we did pick a hard-to-pronounce (Welsh) spelling, and after hearing it butchered for the first two years of her life (Rice/Riss/Ross), we decided to go easy on her and revise it. We’ve mentioned it to some people, and it’s interesting to see the reaction – most have a strong opinion one way or another. But we’ve thought a lot about it, and so before we moved from Iowa we filed the paperwork at the courthouse to change it. It should go into effect on Wednesday. So henceforth, she will be called Reese Ainsley Young. I still love it. And she still smells just as sweet! (unless she’s played outside, that is. she’s a sweat-er.)


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2 Responses to a rose by any other name…

  1. chefstinsonfamily says:

    I just have to comment as I totally understand. When Jules was born we were in for a suprise as she was suppose to be a boy. The night before my c-section we decided that we should have a girls name “just in case”. We liked the name Julianna – pronounced Juli- AWNNA – not ANNA. If I would have been better prepared and been able to do some research, I would have seen that you spell it with one ‘N’ for the ‘Awnna’ sound, not 2. So here we are with a beautiful daughter that everyone either mispells her name or calls her the wrong name – even my grandparents can’t seem to get it right.

    Drew and I have a discussion on a weekly basis about changing the spelling of it!

  2. lindsay says:

    i say, if you’re talking about it that much, go for it. she’s young enough that she doesn’t know how to spell it yet! and it’s not a huge change.

    see, this is why i think we should be picking out names for our kids BEFORE we are inundated by those pesky pregnancy hormones. i don’t know about you, but i just can’t think clearly!

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