pass around the blue cigars…

…because we are having a little man! Had our ultrasound today, and this baby is most definitely of the male persuasion. (what dad-to-be doesn’t pat himself on the back when he hears that?) Caught on tape: the dude put his foot in his mouth and chomped on it. Hmm. I’ll post his first photo soon…suffice it to say that I think he’s gonna look like Michael. He’s got a cute little button nose and a little tiny chin – most unlike his sister, who looked more like Darth Vader for her ultrasound.

Now begins the mad blitz to pick out a manly name…


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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22 Responses to pass around the blue cigars…

  1. Becky says:

    yeah!!!!!! that is so exciting!!!

  2. Julie Brown says:

    Yippie!!! We are so happy for you and your family! I am sure Michael is looking forward to purchasing tiny Tarheels aparrel. 🙂

  3. Lori Eilers says:

    Oh Lindsay, congrats my friend! I wish I were there to hug your neck, pat your tummy and make you some chocolate cake! I think there may need to be a pastoral call to Omaha. 🙂

  4. jane says:

    way to go michael and lindsay! that’s great. i can’t wait to see the little man…if you need any help on names, let me know…!!!! love ya!

  5. chefstinsonfamily says:

    Congratulations! That is wonderful. I am sure Michael is just thrilled. Speaking of, Julianna was suppose to be a boy and her name was going to be Michael (after my dad). :o)

  6. steve and randel hambrick says:

    sounds exciting! tell the little peanut we’ve got some older women calling dibs on him for marriage 🙂

  7. lindsay says:

    PL, did i hear ‘chocolate cake’? YES!

    we have a sweet girl’s name picked out, just-in-case. i’m actually a little sad we won’t be able to use it.

    and jane – michael wants to steal your boy’s name (i still remember!), but we’ll leave it for you – he wants something that mean’s ‘warrior’, or the like. go figure, eh?

    and dibs will cost you $10/mo. until he’s 18 and we can auction – er, i mean marry – him off! 🙂

  8. amain says:

    Since the Mains are done at a family of 4, you can ‘have’ my boys name: Reed. Or, maybe better yet, Mark’s pick for a boy’s name: Miles. It is another version of Michael!

  9. lindsay says:

    Miles is THE name that Michael wants! I am reserving my pick til I finish reading the entire baby name book…I’m at S.

  10. Dara says:

    CONGRATULATIONS – if your friends up there throw you a party – please call us so we can come and bring blue stuff! here is a warrior name that Josh loves for a boy – you can use it – you live an hour away! Uriah – and call him Uri – it means mighty warrior!

  11. lindsay says:

    Uri was the name of my ’90 Chevy Lumina! (eurosport – hence the name ‘uri’) that ole rustbucket WAS a mighty warrior.

    some suggestions i have vetoed: Bane, Leonidas, Michael-Donald.

  12. Donald "Grandpa" Lutterman says:

    HEY!!! What’s wrong with Donald?

  13. lindsay says:

    nothing! except we said no family names! you know that! and NO hyphenated ones, either!

    you just worry about getting him outfitted for the next Husker football season, we’ll worry about the naming. 🙂

  14. joshua says:

    congrats, but dara wasn’t supposed to tell my secret name. I am saving that one for “just in case” ya know?

    Pumped for you guys

  15. Evie says:

    Names of certain students I’ve had bring back not-so-thrilling memories which I’d hate to be reminded of when I say his name throughout my life. :0)

    But the ones you’ve told me about so far are exempt from those.

    I still like Michael’s idea of J’Brae. C’mon, Lindsay, if you’d consider Scout for a girl, you should be brave enough to go apostrophe-style. It’d be a great sports player name… and Michael loved basketball! It sounds artistic and world cultured, as well. Go with it!

  16. SpartnPrincess says:

    I vote no for J’Brae even though it would be a good athlete name.

  17. Lisa Little says:

    I have to convince someone to name their son Liam. I love that name..but Liam Little…yeah, sounds ridiculous, so Jeff vetoed that one right away. This family isn’t big enough for two Double L’s anyway. But Liam Young, now that says ‘Future Huskers Quarterback.’

  18. lindsay says:

    man, you read my mind, Lisa! i’ve been trying to convince Michael about ‘Liam’ all weekend! (it might be slowly working) we LOVED it a couple of years ago when i was prego with Rhys…and now is the time to use it, I say!

    that is a total quarterback name. yeah, baby!

    ps – i need to email you back, Lisa – i haven’t forgotten. i WILL!

  19. lindsay says:

    ooh. Liam Miles Young. that sound sweet. i might be onto something….

  20. caron says:

    how about pat?

  21. lindsay says:

    caron, you ashat.

  22. Jenn says:

    Congrats guys, I have been missing you guys around church and mom’s group. Seems like we only had gotten to know each other before you guys were gone. yeah a boy and a girl, you are so lucky.

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