Is it just me, or does the thought of going home to Mom and Dad’s for Thanksgiving make anybody else want to slack off on their own household chores? My bathtub needs cleaning, needs cleaning bad. Rhys’ toys are all over the living room. There’s laundry in the washing machine AND dryer. But I’d rather make my Christmas list. Or eat these little mint-chocolate clusters in the pantry. Or watch some previously recorded program. Or read “The Sound And The Fury” (which I started last night at 11:00, which is way too late to begin a Faulker novel, I quickly discovered).

Oh, and by the way, grammar lovers, the phrase is “needs cleaning”. Not “needs cleaned”, as I keep seeing people write or hear them say around here. That makes no sense. It’s either “needs cleaning” or “needs TO BE cleaned”. Just thought I’d clear that up. If you want to say it in past tense, I think you can afford the two extra words–or are we really that busy that we can’t stop to say it correctly? Maybe this is indicative of a larger problem…but I digress. Now I’m so paranoid about my grammar that I’m re-reading this post to make sure it all works. Oh no.

Okay, my OCD is kicking in – I can’t stand all of these toys on my coffee table any longer. I’ve no place to kick my feet up when I’m blogging. The grammar might not be correct, but the coffee table WILL be clean.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!


About lindsay

just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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2 Responses to laze

  1. Sara says:

    Ooooh I see how it is. You call Michael OCD…but really that’s just a cover up for your own craziness. ha ha. Let’s get together soon 🙂

    ETA: And yes, because I myself am OCD (apparently) I had to delete my first comment because I spelled Michael’s name wrong.

  2. Anonymous says:

    linds, mike…just gonna let you know that i am blogger now. got my own blogspot and everything. check me out! Love you guys!! Hope your turkey day went great. Give rhys a big kiss and hug from her cuz, carley. -m

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