the winter of our discontent

It’s this time of year that I get so restless! Not quite spring, not quite winter (although this big Midwestern snow tells me that Old Man Winter still has some muscle!), and not quite anything to do. I’ve been dying to get outside and dig up my garden plot, but there haven’t been warm enough days for me to want to work out there. TV’s getting really old. I don’t have an easel yet to put my 1000 ideas onto canvas, so I’m waiting around here for a break in the weather, dreaming for a sunny Saturday when Rhys can swing in the yard, I can work in my garden and Michael can laze in a hammock. Saying that, I realize I need a swing, garden and hammock. Argh!

So here we sit, renting TV shows and old movies, planning what we’ll do in the yard this year, waiting to break out the sandals and get out of the house to do more than go to Target to buy a million things we don’t really need. I’ve been so bored I’m reading John Grisham. John Grisham! I can’t stand legal thrillers, but I’ve been digging into Michael’s stack lately. Ah, well! One of them is actually pretty good bedtime reading – “A Painted House”. Check it out if you are as bored as I right about now. Anybody else feeling my pain?


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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3 Responses to the winter of our discontent

  1. Al says:

    singing my song sister… we’d sound like a pretty depressing duet right now if we were in the same city.
    if you wanna join a bookclub of sorts, a group of my friends are starting to read “A tree grows in brooklyn”… we all correspond by blog too…
    ( Join us!

  2. caron says:

    have u read ” tree grows in brooklyn?” i’ve heard it’s this masterpiece: HUGE in the literary world. i thought i was up on these things..guess not. anyhow, read with us, if you like.

  3. the youngs says:

    i haven’t read it, i’ve just watched the (old, old) movie, many moons ago. so yes, i will grab it at the library this weekend and dig in! it’s gotta beat ole’ Grisham. thanks for the invite.

    yeah, in my few years in the writer’s workshop at UNO, nope, nobody mentioned that book! what the heck?!

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