welcome to the neighborhood (aka, you might be a redneck if….)

Michael and I bought our first home almost a year and a half ago….in the dead of winter. Which, in the Midwest, I do not recommend. Our neighborhood was covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, and looked so quaint. Then, it melted, and all manner of things started to sprout up in the yard. I was reminded of this last weekend when I was out raking leaves (again!), and happened upon some “treats” that my neighbors love to leave in our yard. One big-wheel seat, various dog toys, an old broom, broken glass, flower pots, a frisbee, part of a gutter (I know it was theirs because it was painted the same color as their house!), a solar landscaping light, and a baby doll (which I uncovered raking, and thought it was a corpse at first, scaring the crap right out of me). All these things go in the trash, and it’s a shame, but they obviously don’t want them back. Nobody comes after them, and when we thoughtfully throw them back over the fence, they come right back. We did this with the 4′ long gutter piece several times before putting it in the trash for my neighbors. I am about ready to go over and have a talk with them! I am not their trash can! Ah, well.

Then I have the photo of the week……this is what happens when you combine an impromptu trip to Home Depot (thanks, Michael) and a toolshed you don’t want. Michael gets a hold of a sledgehammer and decides to have some fun with it…..

Now it looks worse! Also, there used to be a birdhouse attached to the front that is scattered in pieces about 10′ from the shed. Michael’s job this weekend? Tearing down the rest of that eyesore!

Here is my next-door neighbor’s yard. This is just part of their front yard. I swear there is more furniture outside the house than in. SOMEBODY please explain this to me!

The kicker is that most of that stuff has sat thru 2 snowy winters or more, without moving or anything. There is a bag of cement that has sat out in so much rain that I’m sure it’s a solid block now. Under all that stuff is a garden. Yup, a garden. But you wouldn’t know it, would ya? Notice the swingset and kid’s toys? These people are grandparents, they don’t even have kids! Crazy. The swingset looks kind of nice, though, maybe I could put it where our shed is….they might not even notice…..


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just a girl, creator, reader, learner, homeschooler. wife to one and mother to two others. in the city and loving it. in pursuit of God and community.
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1 Response to welcome to the neighborhood (aka, you might be a redneck if….)

  1. Al says:

    maybe I’ll start photographing the yards of our neighborhood and we can have a competition of sorts… although I have to admit, you are off to a pretty good start if it does become a competition… wow.

    last fall one of our neighbors converted to mormonism (sigh) but man, they did a heck of a job cleaning up her yard… with our help of course 🙂 Nate is a “trimming” maniac! after he is done trimming the yard i end up saying things like “didn’t we used to have a bush in this corner of the yard?”

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